Hotel Paris Champs Elysées – Bienvenue : Hôtel Atala, Paris – Atala ****

Atalas' rendez-vous


At the Atelier des Lumières – From February 28th 2020 to January 3rd 2021.

This exhibition presents an itinerary that spans the period between Impressionism and modernism.

In seven sequences lasting forty minutes, visitors will be taken from one artistic movement to another: from Impressionism, with Monet and Renoir, to pointillism with Signac and Cross, and Fauvism with Camion, Derain, Vlaminck, and Marquet… and, of course, Matisse. The immersive exhibition will also retrace the fascination of Bonnard and Dufy for the Mediterranean, and eventually focus on one of the greatest colourists of modern art—Chagall. More than 500 works, which are now held in collections around the globe, will fill the Atelier des Lumières with their bright colours and highlight the variations in the works of these great artists on the Mediterranean shores, which inspired them to take their work to its finest expression.